By Izzy Leizerowitz

31 July, 2023

Real Estate Investor Alert - Tel Aviv Light Rail To Finally Begin

Looking for opportunities where apartment values in Israel may rise quicker than normal? This may be just the area to focus on. The long-awaited, long-delayed Tel Aviv The Red Line is finally scheduled to begin operating in a few weeks. The original objective was to carry 234,000 passengers each day. The Red Line extends over 24 kilometers, both above and underground at times, and will be stopping at 34 stations linking five cities: Bat Yam, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak, and Petah Tikva. The opening of the line had been originally scheduled for October 2021, but many operational, regulatory, and safety inspection delays set back the starting date. Final approvals have now been received, and what only remains is the actual start date. If you are looking to invest or live in a property whose values will increase even more rapidly than normal, then finding a prime apartment along the Light rail line may be just the ticket.

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