By Izzy Leizerowitz

28 September, 2023

Why Executives Are Choosing Netanya for Their Luxury Homes in Israel

Netanya is fast becoming the go-to destination for Israeli executives and discerning expatriates seeking luxury living. With its stunning Mediterranean beaches, world-class restaurants, top-notch hotels, and vibrant shopping malls, Netanya offers more than just lavish homes—it promises an unmatched lifestyle. Discover why many real estate investors and home buyers are choosing this coastal gem as their next luxury residence.

Best Beaches in Netanya

Sironit Beach

One can't mention a Netanya beach without instantly thinking of the iconic Sironit Beach. As executives and discerning investors scout for the most luxurious settings in Israel, Sironit emerges as an unrivaled attraction. Picture this: after a day of high-powered meetings, you saunter down from your lavish home in Netanya to the gentle embrace of Sironit's golden sands. Known for its unparalleled beauty and as one of the prime beaches in Netanya, Sironit is not just a beach, but a lifestyle statement.

Poleg Beach

Dive deeper into the allure of Netanya Beach locations, and Poleg Beach emerges as an undeniable favorite. A mecca for those who appreciate a blend of serenity and vibrant beach life, Poleg captures the hearts of both locals and expatriate luxury home seekers. Its vast coastline makes it one of the prized beaches in Netanya for sunrise jogs or moonlit walks.

Herzl Beach

No discussion about beaches in Netanya would be complete without the mention of Herzl Beach. A bustling hotspot, Herzl Beach offers more than just scenic beauty; it's where culture meets the coast. Perfect for executives wanting to entertain or families seeking a delightful day by the sea, this Netanya beach promises an experience like no other.

Ofer Beach

And then, for those who have an affinity for the exclusive and pristine, Ofer Beach stands tall. This Netanya beach is a tranquil oasis, surrounded by majestic cliffs, making it an idyllic escape from the urban rush. If luxury and peace had a meeting point among the beaches in Netanya, Ofer Beach would undeniably be it.

Best Hotels in Netanya

The Seasons Hotel

Nestled along Netanya's pristine coastline, The Seasons Hotel is more than just a place to rest your head; it's an embodiment of luxury. A favorite among many looking for elite hotels in Netanya, Israel, it offers panoramic sea views, gourmet dining experiences, and state-of-the-art amenities. As you lounge by its infinity pool, you'll understand why many executives choose Netanya as their preferred locale.

Island Suites

Stepping into Island Suites is like entering a realm of modern opulence. One of the standout Netanya hotels, it combines contemporary design with top-tier services. Perfect for both short stays and extended visits, this hotel epitomizes the kind of luxury that awaits in the real estate market of Netanya.

Ramada Hotel & Suites

Another gem among hotels in Netanya, the Ramada Hotel & Suites offers a seamless blend of comfort and style. Its spacious suites, spa facilities, and gourmet restaurants make it a top choice for executives on business trips or expatriates exploring their future neighborhoods in Israel.

David Tower Hotel

A landmark among hotels in Netanya, Israel, David Tower stands tall with its impeccable service and historic charm. With a perfect mix of traditional architecture and modern amenities, it promises an unmatched stay experience. Whether you're holding business meetings or soaking in the Mediterranean sun, David Tower ensures a stay of distinction.

Best Malls in Netanya

Ir Yamim Mall

A jewel in the crown of malls in Netanya, Ir Yamim Mall offers an unparalleled shopping experience. Set amidst the modern backdrop of the city's most upscale neighborhoods, this mall aligns perfectly with the luxe benchmarks set by Netanya Real Estate. From haute couture to high-end tech gadgets, it's a veritable paradise for the sophisticated shopper.

Sharon Mall

Strategically located and brimming with elegance, Sharon Mall is a reflection of Netanya's vibrant pulse. As a significant Netanya shopping mall, it boasts a plethora of international brands, gourmet dining spots, and entertainment options. When you're immersed in the vast expanse of Netanya real estate, the proximity to such a commercial hub adds immense value.

Ofer Netanya Mall

Representing the expansive growth and evolution of malls in Netanya, Ofer Netanya Mall is a harmonious blend of shopping, leisure, and entertainment. It underscores the very essence of luxury and convenience that individuals seeking a premium Netanya mall experience yearn for, making it an indispensable part of the city’s commercial landscape.

BIG Fashion Mall

Distinct in its open-air design and sophisticated layout, BIG Fashion Mall offers a refreshing twist to the conventional Netanya shopping mall experience. Imagine leisurely strolls through elegantly designed spaces, interspersed with boutiques, art installations, and chic cafes – it's not just shopping; it's an experience.

Best restaurants Netanya

La Terrasse

If you crave a sophisticated dining atmosphere combined with breathtaking views, La Terrasse is your go-to. Recognized as one of the best restaurants in Netanya, it provides a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and French cuisines. The extensive wine list and ambient setting make it an ideal spot for both intimate dinners and business gatherings.

Meat Kitchen

For those who observe kosher dietary laws, Meat Kitchen is a celebrated establishment amongst kosher restaurants in Netanya. It serves an array of delectable kosher meat dishes, providing a fine dining experience without compromising on dietary requirements. When thinking of Netanya kosher restaurants, Meat Kitchen unquestionably stands out with its quality and service.

El Gaucho

A haven for meat lovers, El Gaucho offers an Argentinean-style grill experience that is unmatched in the city. With a warm, inviting ambiance and a selection of premium cuts, it is undoubtedly one of the Netanya restaurants that offer a memorable dining adventure, perfectly catering to the city’s discerning populace.


Ensuring that kosher dining is nothing short of delightful, LalaLand is another gem amongst kosher restaurants in Netanya. With a menu that boasts an exciting fusion of international and local flavors, it sets a high standard for Netanya kosher restaurants, promising an elegant and delicious dining experience for all.

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