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07 December, 2023

Keter Advisors - In the News - Jewish Link Dec. 7, 2023

Keter Advisors: The Crown Jewel of Real Estate in Israel
By Arnie Draiman, writer for the Jewish Link
December 7, 2023

Home (hōm) noun: the place where one lives. That’s the dictionary definition. Homeland, a person’s or a people’s native land. For Jews, Israel is one and the same; for Izzy Leizerowitz, it is a calling.

Leizerowitz was born in Israel to Holocaust survivors and an Israel underground fighter father, and through some twists and turns lived most of his life in the New York City area, returning to Israel in 2021. Having spent some years in the States working as a mortgage broker and manager, Leizerowitz comes by his love of real estate quite naturally.
Upon arrival in Israel he couldn’t help but notice the vast amounts of construction going on with dozens and dozens of building sites, cranes, workers shuttling to and fro, and more. (Insert Israeli joke here: What is the Israeli state bird? The crane!) Leizerowitz felt a strong desire to be part of this continuously growing industry, immediately getting his realtors license and becoming a member of the Israeli professional association of realtors.

“My passion is to provide the right home or investment property for English speakers anywhere in the country,” explained Leizerowitz. “I work within your budget. And I know the ins and outs to help you get the best value for your money.” Real estate prices in Israel are usually at the high end, at least in the general areas that most English speakers are looking at. However, there are a dozen additional less well-known places where Anglos live and can be very affordable. It is not unusual for an apartment in Jerusalem or Netanya to go for more than $1 million, but Leizerowitz knows where to look and find the ones where you can have significant savings; for example, savings of up to 50% by buying on paper after the land has been allocated but before the construction has begun.

This is really what “niche marketing” is: finding any size residence and investment properties to fit your budget, whether it is modest or not. The Israeli real estate market is in a constant growth pattern and solid investments are here, waiting to be had.
Leizerowitz is a very active, hands-on agent, never resting (except Shabbat!), because he wants to be your personal real estate agent/advisor, holding your hand from day one until after you move in. And for those who are buying investment properties, Leizerowitz also is a property management company, helping take care of all the bureaucracy (and there is plenty, and yes, it is all in Hebrew!). It doesn’t matter if the property is in the south in Ashkelon or in the north in Nahariya, Leizerowitz will be there.

“His attention to detail and personal touch made the process stress-free,” said one of his clients. “We really appreciated his ‘no pressure’ style.” There are many testimonials on the website reflecting on Leizerowitz’s desire to please and his total honesty. The website has videos of available properties and Leizerowitz feels you need to be educated in the local real estate market before you dive in. Agents in Israel are usually the buyer’s agent and work hard to satisfy the client, unlike in the United States where an agent is often working on behalf of the seller. In Israel, you don’t pay the seller’s agent, rather, only your agent, and the fee is considerably less than that in the States; typically, the fee is set at 2% and Leizerowitz is happy to negotiate with you to arrive at a fair price for all.

One of Leizerowitz’s favorite areas is Rehovot, in the center of the country, where he and his wife chose to settle. “I challenge anyone to come here for Shabbat and not want to move here!” And even Tel Aviv is a growing religious English-speaking hub with at least five suitable synagogues near Gordon Beach, all packed.

Recent events in Israel and around the world show how important this country is and to be a welcoming place for all Jews. Leizerowitz can easily help you, even for those who come “just to look” without any commitment. Izzy will go the extra kilometer for you!
And as a reminder, a
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