Talbiye Luxury Apartments


Talbiye, officially known as "Komemiyut", is an upscale neighborhood in West Jerusalem and one of the longest established in the entire city. Its central location is known for countless architectural treasures, impressive houses with magnificent stonework, private villas, official residences, and cultural institutions. Talbiye lies between Rehavia to the north and Old Katamon and the German Colony to the south. On the west is the President of Israel’s official.

residence, and on the east, it borders both Mishkenot Sha'ananim and Yamin Moshe, by the walls of the Old City. Here, in the historic heart of Jerusalem with the unique characteristics of neighborhoods built during the British Mandate period, it combines architecture that reveals beauty and decorative elements that were once commonly used but are disappearing from the contemporary architectural landscape.

The building is already finished and part of the residence inhabited. We have 9 apartments available for sale.
Here are the types of the apartments that might be suitable for you:

  • Apartment with 3 rooms service room, 95 sqm. 12 sqm. balcony. Price: 7,500,000 NIS
  • Apartment with 3 rooms service room, 105 sqm. 12 sqm. balcony. Price: 7,650,000 NIS
  • Apartment with 4-5 rooms, 200 sqm. 2 balconies 24 sqm. Price: 16,500,000 NIS