Zichron Yaakov - Raw Land - Great Investment Opportunity


As the population of Zichron grows and the residential area approaches our raw land investment location, its value should increase in anticipation of future rezoning. With rezoning, it can appreciate many times in value.  Ever increasing in value and within the city limits of Zichron Yakov, this land is situated a mile plus from Zichron’s currently developed residential areas. It is in a direct line in the direction of where the residential areas are expanding into.  No one really knows if and when the town will choose to rezone but regardless the value of the land itself has gone up year to year in Israel. The potential for rezoning to residential in Israel has paid huge premiums throughout the history of the State.

Every purchaser will be registered with the Land Authority. In addition, special maps have been made by the surveyor so that each purchaser can see exactly where his/her land is located.

The price includes land, taxes, mapping, surveys, appraisal, and legal filings.

Promotional Pricing In Effect: 
250 sqm = 70,000 NIS
500 sqm = 130,000 NIS
750 sqm = 185,000 NIS
1 Dunam = 250,000 NIS
2 Dunams = 340,000 NIS

“Zikhron Yaakov Lands” are marketed by a group of experienced professionals in the field of real estate. Our accumulated experience includes decades in brokerage and marketing of residential and commercial real estate, with specialization in the execution of large transactions in the private and public sectors and entrepreneurship in a wide variety of fields, including real estate and land.