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Learn how set up your IRA or 401k fund in the USA so that you can buy Investment Properties in Israel 
This video provides an overview of the process IN THE USA . Future videos will focus on the Israel side. 
Learn How To Buy Investment Properties in Israel Using Your 401k & IRA Funds: 
This video provides an overview of the process from setting up your Self Directed IRA account to buying investment property in Israel to managing the property which the objective of maximizing rental income and avoiding tax is possible. 
Primer On Israel Real Estate Purchase Tax - July 2023
Short basic overview of what you will pay to purchase Real Estate in Israel based on your residence status and citizenship status.
Webinar - Feb 2023 Update - What You Really Need To Know Before Buying Real Estate In Israel

If you didn't have a chance to be with us live, then check out the recorded version on my Youtube channel. It's an hour of soaking up valuable insight, experience, and advice from our prominent advisors on what you can expect in 2023 when buying a home or investment property in Israel. The panel was moderated by Avi Berger of Legendary Realty of Edison, NJ., and included realty, mortgage, and legal experts from Israel
International Money Transfers

If you are looking for a reliable, customer service-oriented, cost-effective solution to transferring money from overseas to Israel for property related or whatever transactions you need, you should watch this video

You made the decision to buy a property in Israel, but you have no clue what to do or who to speak to about the process. That's where I come in. This video outlines many issues you will face and having a real estate professional who cares about your needs makes all the difference!Transcript
Purchase Costs - Real World Guestimates

Watch this short video to understand what might your real closing costs be when you close on real estate property in Israel.