By Izzy Leizerowitz

08 October, 2023

Where are Executives Moving to in Tel Aviv These Days

In the sprawling cityscape of Tel Aviv, where real estate prices often mirror sky-high skyscrapers, discerning executives are setting their sights on emerging neighborhoods. Old North, Remez Street, Jaffa, Florentin, and Bograshov are witnessing an influx of these astute professionals. While these locales demand significant investment, they remain relatively more affordable than some of Tel Aviv's ultra-luxurious districts. However, with the burgeoning popularity and potential development in the coming years, prices may soar. Thus, for executives eyeing prime real estate, the question arises: "Where in Tel Aviv are they placing their stakes today?" Let's delve into these evolving neighborhoods and understand the shifting dynamics.
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Jaffa  (South Tel Aviv)

Jaffa, South Tel Aviv's historic core, is attracting global executives with its blend of ancient architecture and modern amenities. This prime real estate hub combines cultural richness with luxury, meeting the growing demand for upscale urban living. Its scenic coast, traditional charm, and proximity to elite restaurants and boutiques make Jaffa a top choice for those pursuing a luxurious, yet culturally rich lifestyle.

Best Hotels in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

For executives who value comfort and luxury, the hotels in Jaffa, Israel, present a compelling allure. The Setai, with its breathtaking sea views and world-class amenities, stands as a testament to Jaffa's commitment to luxury hospitality. The Jaffa, another of the best hotels in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, merges the city's historic essence with modern opulence. Both hotels provide an unmatched level of luxury, drawing executives who are exploring houses in Tel Aviv, Israel, to get a taste of the lifestyle they can expect.

Best Restaurants in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Jaffa's culinary scene is a vibrant mosaic of flavors, beckoning executives with discerning palates. The Old Man and The Sea offers a delightful seafood spread with panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Shaffa Bar, frequently mentioned among the best restaurants in Jaffa, serves local dishes with a contemporary twist. These restaurants in Jaffa, Israel, mirror the eclectic blend of traditional and modern that Jaffa represents, making it even more enticing for those considering houses in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Shopping in Jaffa, Israel

For those who equate luxury living with elite shopping experiences, Jaffa offers a unique retail landscape. The boutiques lining the Jaffa Flea Market, known locally as Shuk HaPishpeshim, offer everything from vintage treasures to avant-garde fashion. Amidst this, there are also Jaffa Port's artisanal shops, ensuring that shopping in Jaffa, Israel, is an eclectic blend of the old and the new, catering to the refined tastes of executives.

Synagogues in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Jaffa's rich Jewish heritage is evident in its beautiful synagogues. The Sea Mosque, with its intricate architecture, and the St. Peter Church, showcasing Jaffa's diverse religious tapestry, serve the spiritual needs of both locals and expatriates. For those considering houses in Tel Aviv, Israel, the presence of these historic sites adds depth to the cultural and spiritual experience of living in Jaffa.

Schools in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Education is paramount, and Jaffa offers esteemed institutions for families. The Collège des Frères de Jaffa and Weizmann School are prime examples of Jaffa's dedication to academic excellence. Their close proximity to the finest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv ensures that families don't have to compromise on education when opting for luxury living.

Florentin (South Tel Aviv)

Florentin in South Tel Aviv has transformed from an old neighborhood to a prime real estate destination. As it undergoes gentrification, the area now boasts upscale residences, boutiques, and eateries. This mix of history and modernity makes Florentin a sought-after location for executives seeking luxurious urban living in Tel Aviv.

Best Hotels in Florentin, Tel Aviv

Florentin, once a quaint neighborhood, has become a hotspot for luxury tourism in Tel Aviv. The boutique hotels in Florentin, Tel Aviv, are drawing global attention. The Poli House, known for its chic design and rooftop pool, stands as an embodiment of the area's transformation. Similarly, The Vera Hotel, with its local artisan-inspired rooms, echoes the spirit of the neighborhood. These establishments provide not only world-class accommodation but also offer a glimpse into the evolving character of Florentin, making them essential pit stops for executives scouting houses for sale in Tel Aviv.

Best Restaurants in Florentin, Tel Aviv

The culinary scene in Florentin is a testament to its dynamic and evolving nature. Ouzeria, one of the best restaurants in Florentin, Tel Aviv, offers Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist. On the other hand, establishments like Taqueria present global flavors, proving that restaurants in Florentin, Tel Aviv, cater to an eclectic palate. This diversity in dining, coupled with a vibrant nightlife, paints a tantalizing picture for those considering a move to this pulsating district.

Shopping in Florentin, Israel

Florentin's shopping scene mirrors the eclectic vibrancy of its streets. The area brims with contemporary art galleries, vintage boutiques, and even the renowned Levinsky Market, known for its aromatic spices and diverse offerings. Additionally, the Shuk HaCarmel is another shopping hotspot in Florentin, teeming with fresh produce, fabrics, and artisan crafts. For those with a penchant for fashion, the boutique shops dotting the district showcase both traditional crafts and modern designs. Executives in search of a unique shopping experience will find Florentin an unmissable destination, filled with distinctive treasures and finds.

Synagogues in Florentin, Tel Aviv

Amidst the bustling urban life, Florentin also shelters serene spaces for spiritual reflection. Synagogues such as the Florentin Community Synagogue offer a quiet respite and stand as a testament to the neighborhood's rich Jewish heritage. The blend of age-old traditions with the new urban beat is what many find captivating when considering houses for sale in Tel Aviv.

Schools in Florentin, Tel Aviv

Education is uncompromised in Florentin. The neighborhood hosts a range of educational institutions, like the Florentin Democratic School and Nitzanim School that promise comprehensive learning experiences. From innovative preschools to reputable high schools, families looking to settle down can rest assured of quality education for their children. This commitment to academia, set against Florentin's colorful backdrop, makes it an appealing choice for executives and their families.

Old North Tel Aviv

Old North Tel Aviv stands out as a premier real estate destination for executives, drawn by its blend of sophistication and dynamic energy. The district boasts the vibrant Tel Aviv Port, a hub for Mediterranean bistros by day and techno dance clubs by night. The scenic boardwalk, flanked by fashionable boutiques and chic cafes, together with the luxury of Dizengoff Street's Israeli designer brands, positions the Old North as an epitome of urban luxury and cultural vibrancy in Tel Aviv.

Best Hotels in Old North Tel Aviv

Old North Tel Aviv is not just a residential marvel; it's a hub of hospitality excellence. The district showcases iconic hotels in Old North Tel Aviv like the Carlton Tel Aviv, which offers Mediterranean views, and the Brown Urban Hotel, known for its sophisticated design and luxury amenities. Executives often find themselves enamored by the ambiance of these establishments, making them consider the apartments for sale in Old North Tel Aviv even more keenly.

Best Restaurants in Old North Tel Aviv

The culinary scene in Old North Tel Aviv stands unparalleled. With establishments like Taizu, offering Asian-inspired delights, and Port Said, serving traditional Israeli dishes with a contemporary twist, food connoisseurs are spoilt for choice. These Old North Tel Aviv restaurants rank among the best restaurants in Old North Tel Aviv, offering a taste of the city's diverse gastronomic landscape, making the area even more enticing for executives.

Shopping in Old North Tel Aviv, Israel

The shopping avenues of Old North Tel Aviv are every fashionista's dream. The district's heart, Dizengoff Street, brims with both international brands and local designer boutiques. Whether one is on the lookout for high-end fashion or unique artisanal finds, shopping in Old North Tel Aviv guarantees an unparalleled retail experience, attracting executives with a penchant for the finer things in life.

Synagogues in Old North Tel Aviv

Old North Tel Aviv, steeped in Jewish heritage, boasts an array of historically significant synagogues. The Heichal Yehuda Synagogue with its impressive architecture and the Chorev Synagogue, known for its active community, are among the notable spiritual landmarks in the area. Further enhancing the neighborhood's spiritual fabric is Brodi Synagogue, which has stood the test of time, and the serene Tiferet Yosef Synagogue. These establishments not only cater to the religious needs but also epitomize the district's rich cultural legacy. For executives and their families, the presence of these synagogues in Old North adds layers of spiritual depth and community bonds, complementing the area's luxurious ambiance.

Schools in Old North Tel Avi

Education is a cornerstone in Old North Tel Aviv. The district boasts prestigious institutions like the Alliance High School and the Tel Aviv Arts School, promising quality and comprehensive education for young minds. Their proximity to the prime apartments for sale in Old North Tel Aviv ensures that families do not have to compromise on educational standards when choosing a luxurious abode.

Remez Street (North Tel Aviv)

Remez Street in North Tel Aviv is fast becoming an executive's dream for prime real estate. A harmonious blend of contemporary luxury and historical allure, the street is enriched with nice places to eat and boutique shopping experiences. Its abundance of revered synagogues and top-tier schools further elevates its status, making Remez Street a sought-after locale for those seeking both luxury and a vibrant community in Tel Aviv.


Best Hotels in Remez Street, Tel Aviv

Remez Street, in the bustling heart of Tel Aviv, is a testament to the city's commitment to luxury and comfort. Hotels in Remez Street, Tel Aviv, such as The Norman and the eclectic Hotel Montefiore, stand out as paradigms of hospitality. Their sophisticated design, state-of-the-art amenities, and exemplary service cater to the world's elite, often visiting while seeking to buy real estate in Tel Aviv. Their presence underscores Remez Street's evolution into a prime locale for upscale living and leisure.

Best Restaurants in Remez Street, Tel Aviv

A gastronomic haven, Remez Street is rapidly cementing its reputation as a culinary hotspot in Tel Aviv. Ouzeria, with its inventive Mediterranean fare, and Taizu, known for its Asian-inspired delicacies, rank among the best restaurants in Remez Street, Tel Aviv. These Remez Street restaurants not only provide gourmet experiences but also embody the street's spirit: a blend of tradition, innovation, and sheer excellence.

Shopping in Remez Street, Israel

For those with a penchant for high-end retail, shopping on Remez Street is an unparalleled experience. The street is adorned with designer boutiques, artisanal craft shops, and international brand outlets. Whether one is seeking the latest in fashion from brands like Castro or looking for unique artisanal crafts, Remez Street, Tel Aviv, caters to every sophisticated taste, further enticing executives looking to settle in the city.

Synagogues in Remez Street, Tel Aviv

Remez Street's cultural depth is beautifully reflected in its synagogues. Beit Tefilah Israeli, with its innovative approach to Jewish traditions, and the historic Great Synagogue, stands as symbols of the area's spiritual richness. These establishments cater to the spiritual needs of the community, adding a serene counterpoint to Remez Street's urban buzz, making it even more appealing to those liaising with real estate agents in Tel Aviv for potential properties.

Schools in Remez Street, Tel Aviv

Education is a cornerstone of Remez Street's appeal. With institutions such as Ironi Alef and the prestigious Bialik Rogozin School within its purview, families are assured of a holistic educational environment. The presence of such esteemed educational institutions, set against Remez Street's backdrop of luxury and culture, further underscores its allure for executives and their families.

Bograshov (North Tel Aviv)

Bograshov, in North Tel Aviv, is emerging as a top choice for executive real estate. Combining the allure of its beaches with urban elegance, the area boasts upscale dining, shopping, and hotels. The presence of historic synagogues and leading educational institutions further enhances its appeal, making it a prime location for professionals seeking property in Tel Aviv.

Best Hotels in Bograshov, Tel Aviv

Bograshov, a vibrant hub of North Tel Aviv, is synonymous with luxury, especially with its selection of hotels that dot the stretch near Bograshov Beach. Hotels such as the Royal Beach Tel Aviv and the boutique Mendeli Street Hotel represent the pinnacle of hospitality that hotels in Bograshov, Tel Aviv have to offer. These establishments cater to discerning executives who often stay there while looking to buy real estate in Tel Aviv, providing them with a firsthand experience of the upscale lifestyle Bograshov promises.

Best Restaurants in Bograshov, Tel Aviv

Gastronomy in Bograshov is nothing short of exceptional. The culinary journey one can embark upon on Bograshov Street ranges from the gourmet delights of Shila - Sharon Cohen's Kitchen & Bar to the more relaxed yet equally tantalizing offerings of Port Said. Among the best restaurants in Bograshov, Tel Aviv, you'll also find Ouzeria, which effortlessly combines a chic ambiance with flavorsome dishes. These Bograshov restaurants not only serve as culinary havens but also give executives a taste of the city's cosmopolitan palette.

Shopping in Bograshov, Israel

For those with an affinity for retail therapy, shopping in Bograshov, Tel Aviv, is an absolute delight. Bograshov Street, in particular, offers a mix of international brands and bespoke local boutiques. Whether it's high-end fashion or artisanal crafts, the vibrant market scene caters to all tastes, making it a draw for executives and their families who are in the city to buy real estate in Tel Aviv.

Synagogues in Bograshov, Tel Aviv

Bograshov's rich heritage is beautifully manifested in its historic synagogues. The Great Synagogue on Allenby Street, a short walk from Bograshov, stands as a testament to the region's deep-rooted Jewish culture. As executives look for a holistic living experience, these places of worship add a spiritual depth to the bustling urban environment of Bograshov.

Schools in Bograshov, Tel Aviv

Education remains paramount for families, and Bograshov rises to the occasion with its range of esteemed institutions. Schools like Tabeetha School and Ironi Gimel offer comprehensive curriculums and holistic learning environments. Their proximity to the heart of the city and to sought-after areas where executives are looking to buy real estate in Tel Aviv further enhances Bograshov's appeal.

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