By Izzy Leizerowitz

21 October, 2023

Maximizing Your Buying Power: Investing in Israeli Real Estate with US Dollars

History often provides us with lessons on seizing opportune moments. Recall the late 1980s when the U.S. housing market was fueled by the advantageous exchange rate between the yen and the dollar, allowing Japanese investors to purchase iconic American properties at deeply discounted rates. Today, with the shekel's recent shifts against the dollar, a similar window of incredible potential has opened for foreign investors in Israel. If you've ever pondered the idea of venturing into the Israeli real estate market, this might be the golden moment you've been waiting for.
Through this article, we’ll journey across the current landscape, highlighting the newfound advantages for dollar holders, steering you towards a savvy, profitable investment in Israel.

Historical Perspective

Navigating the real estate waters has given me a front-row seat to the captivating interplay of currencies. Particularly, the dance between the dollar and the Israeli New Shekel has been nothing short of intriguing.
Let's break it down. Remember the time (just a few months ago) when the dollar-to-shekel exchange was hovering around 3.8? That's in the rearview mirror now. At the time of writing this article on Oct 22, for each US dollar, you're looking at an impressive 4.06 shekels. For those not familiar with the currency game, this change may sound subtle, but in the grand world of property and investment, it's as significant as finding a hidden room in a house you thought you knew inside out.
Historically speaking, our Israeli currency – the Shekel – has had its fair share of ups and downs when set against the mighty dollar. Picture it like the tides: sometimes the shekel-to-dollar rate inches up, and sometimes it retreats. It's been a while since we've seen such a tide – not since 2009 to be exact.
Drawing from years of watching these currency tides, here's my seasoned takeaway: If the thought of investing in the beauty and promise of Israeli real estate has ever crossed your mind, the currency markets right now are in your favor. When the moment is right, it's truly golden, but only if you seize it.

Increased Buying Power: The Numbers Speak

There is profound impact of currency dynamics on investments like yours. It’s more than just a game of numbers; it’s about understanding the doors they open for you.
Imagine you're considering an investment of 2M NIS. At the earlier rate of 3.8, converting such an amount would have cost you around $526,316. However, with the rate for example at 4.03, your spend drops to $496,279. That’s an immediate boost in your buying power by $30,037.
Thinking about a heftier commitment, say 3M NIS? Previously, at 3.8, you'd be parting with $789,474. But at 4.03, that figure slimmed down to $744,418. That's a tidy sum of $45,056 staying right in your pocket.
Maybe you're eyeing something more opulent, a seaside property ringing in at 5M NIS? Once, at the rate of 3.8, you'd be looking at $1,315,789. Now, with the rate 0f 4.03 in your favor, that's down to $1,240,696, offering you a compelling saving of $75,093. You could pocket that or use it to furnish your new property, appliances, the list is endless.
And for those of you contemplating a high end investment of 10M NIS, the news is even better. Instead of the earlier $2,631,579 at the 3.8 rate, you’re now looking at a figure of $2,481,391. That’s a staggering increased buying power of $150,188.
To put it succinctly, the shift in the shekels-to-dollars rate is a lucrative call for you as a potential buyer or investor in Israel. These moments, while rare, and often created from non-real estate related events are game-changers. Now's the time for you to seize this golden opportunity.

The Investor's Advantage

Think about it. With this increased buying power, the same budget that once got you a comfortable apartment might now secure you a higher floor, or mini-penthouse in a prime location, or a home with those high-end amenities you've always coveted.
It's not just about more space or an extra bedroom; it's about the potential for magnified returns on your investment. An increased purchasing capability means you have the leverage to negotiate, delve into prime real estate segments, or even diversify your portfolio in ways you might not have considered previously.
So, as you mull over this investment opportunity, remember the power of the current exchange rate. Understand the potential it grants; the doors it opens. Years from now, when you're sipping a coffee on the balcony of your Israeli home, looking over the sea or landscape, you'll reminisce about the time when the conversion rate shifted the tides in your favor. And trust me, as someone who's seen decades of this market's transformations, now's a prime time for you to make a move.
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Where to Buy

Popular Regions for Investment

Israel boasts some of the world's most historically significant and beautiful locales. From the beachfronts of Tel Aviv to the serene hills of Jerusalem, your investment choices are vast. Tel Aviv offers a bustling, modern city vibe, attracting many for its proximity to the Mediterranean. On the other hand, Jerusalem, while also modern, carries a deep historical and spiritual significance. Then, there's the charm of Haifa, the promise of Beersheba, and the allure of Eilat. Each region offers a unique blend of opportunities, depending on what you're looking for.

Emerging Trends and Growth

I have seen neighborhoods transform and new areas rise in prominence. Lately, there's been a trend towards the Negev and Galilee regions. The government's focus on developing these areas has spurred infrastructure growth, making them promising regions for future real estate appreciation.

Urban vs. Rural Dynamics

While the allure of city life in places like Tel Aviv is undeniable with its high returns and constant demand, don't overlook the potential of rural investments. Properties in rural areas can offer larger spaces at a fraction of the cost of urban settings. Plus, the tranquil environment and potential for vacation or holiday rentals can lead to attractive returns.

Tips for Your Investment Journey

It's essential to recognize that every country has its unique set of real estate customs and regulations. In Israel, for example, there are nuances in terms of property rights, leaseholds, and transaction processes. Before diving in, take the time to understand these intricacies. Engage with local experts, preferably someone who knows the ropes and can translate the intricacies of the Israeli real estate market into terms you can easily grasp. Remember, a well-informed decision now will save you potential challenges down the road.

Keter Advisors: The Premier Choice for Expatriates and Foreign Investors in Israel

Navigating the complexities of real estate in a foreign country can be daunting, especially when language barriers and cultural differences come into play. This is where Keter Advisors steps in as your trusted partner. Recognized among the leading real estate agents in Israel, Keter Advisors specializes in residential properties, catering specifically to the unique needs of the Anglo or English-speaking community.
Whether you're eyeing a charming pre-owned residence or are set on a sparkling new development, Keter Advisors ensures you're equipped with all the necessary tools to pinpoint your dream property in Israel. From the initial exploration phase right up to the final signature, our team offers comprehensive guidance, ensuring a seamless and stress-free transaction.
One of our distinct advantages is our acute understanding of challenges faced by foreign buyers, especially those hailing from the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia, and beyond. Language can often be a formidable barrier, leading to misunderstandings and potential missteps. But with Keter Advisors at your side, you'll never feel lost in translation. We're well-versed in addressing the frustrations that arise when purchasing property in a non-native tongue and are equipped to smoothen out every crease, making the journey straightforward and enjoyable.
In essence, if you're an expatriate or foreign investor contemplating a real estate investment in Israel, entrusting Keter Advisors with your endeavor ensures not only a successful acquisition but also a genuinely pleasurable experience. We're here to make Israel feel like home, one property at a time. Get in touch today.

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